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What's Growing On

See you Saturday, Oct. 10, at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.We packed up the wagon and moved to Building C along with some of the other old timers. A fresh start on a new frontier.

What's in the Produce Wagon This Week:
Lettuce: many beautiful varieties
Summer Squash: back by popular demand
Butternut Squash: Fall is at hand.
Popcorn: Native American snack ( to Nise it's a meal )
Napa Cabbage: right here in Stanly county
Jurassic Kale: dinosaurs loved it
Swiss Chard: perfect for your chalet
Basil: my favorite herb
Sweet Peppers: no heat just sweet
Eggplants: Italian and Oriental
Hot Peppers: Jalapeno, Poblano, Cayenne
Super Hot Peppers: Ghost, Habanero, Scorpion, Reaper, etc.

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Nise found this owl in the garden. Take..these broken wings..and learn to fly...

Nise has a new friend, Smokey the barn orphan. She found him on a shelf and now he lives under the bush hog.

Mom is proud of these clean rows. It is a never ending chore.

Mom is excited about her new compost. How did it get to the farm?

Super son-in-law Shawn Kirkley, loader operator and truck driver extraordinaire.

Mom and Jamie look over Mom's greenhouse work.


Slow down!

These rows aren't getting any shorter.

A few weeks later...

Meanwhile, over in the Lettuce patch, Nise turns back the covers.

Our daughter Jennifer and granddaughter Kirsten picking spinach with Nise.

Kirsten washing Lettuce, where did she get that smile?

Now we know.

Here's a beautiful smile, our daughter DeeAnn at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.

Cover crop in front of the barn. Crimson clover, over and over...

This is the main Summer garden on May 20. Tomatoes, Eggplants, Peppers, Cucumbers and Melons.

The same garden in July.

Our grandson Michael lends a hand.

He's planning on a career in law enforcement, but we think he should head for Hollywood.    

Nise's brother Jim, a real mechanic, comes over to keep Pop from wreaking havoc on the '63 Dexta tractor. The hydraulic lift now lifts.

Truck loaded for the Market on a Friday night. The end of a long day. Nise will be up at 4:30 AM to get to the Saturday Market. When you see her, tell her you love her.